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May 25-26, 2002

Pyrsia - Secure Your Open Source Supply Chain

Sudhindra Rao | Development Manager, JFrog

Introducing a new OSS decentralized container registry solution called Pyrsia. Pyrsia aims to secure the software supply chain of open-source dependencies by creating a system that secures builds and distribution by design. Security issues in central repositories have a devastating impact on downstream systems, especially where malicious packages have been injected. Outages in upstream repositories produce disruptions in the software supply chain that range from developer productivity to CI/CD build failures to interruption of production releases. Proprietary software is composed of 90% OSS dependencies, with heavy usage on packages provided from central repositories (MavenCentral, PyPI, RubyGems, NPM, DockerHub, etc.) How do we secure our builds? Pyrsia applies automation to both building and verifying trust in the packages hosted/produced on the network. In this session, we will present a working version of what Pyrsia is and how it is evolving to help secure your software supply chain.