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This will be a collection of terms and their meanings that have been widely used across the projects. It will be a good reference point for the developers to understand and comprehend the components of the Pyrisa Project.


  • Block: A collection of cryptographically verifiable transactions and a header providing provenance
    • Finalized Block: Blocks which have been agreed upon by the Network
  • Node: a computer participating in the blockchain
  • Authoritative node: A node possessing and signing transactions using a trusted key - where "trusted key" is defined as being a key that is stored on the blockchain and authorized.
  • Proof of Authority: One of many methods of consensus used in Blockchain. Proof of Authority accepts that there are a limited number of participants in the network that can commit new transactions to the blockchain (See: Authoritative node). Transactions in a block, and the block itself, must all be signed by an authority certificate.
  • Provenance logs: A chain of cryptographically verified information establishing the provenance (origin) of a given package.
  • Blockchain: An append only, distributed, data-store that provides cryptographic provability of all transactions Search index: Generally refers to any indexing tech that is used to in search tech to quickly look up results.