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Pyrsia and Docker

Once you have setup your local environment with Pyrsia you are now ready to run Pyrsia with Docker support.

Integrating and Building with Docker

Configure Docker Daemon for Pyrsia Network

Follow these steps to run a Pyrsia node and use it as the registry for all Docker Hub content.

  1. cd pyrsia/pyrsia_node

  2. You need to start the Pyrsia Node. To do so, you have 2 options:

    • Rust: DEV_MODE=on PYRSIA_ARTIFACT_PATH=pyrsia cargo run
    • Docker Compose: docker-compose up --build

    Note: ⚠️ Do not to stop this process, a running node is required for the following steps:

  3. configure Docker to use Pyrsia, which is running at http://localhost:7888, open your Docker daemon settings and add this entry in the root JSON object:

    On Linux platforms:

      "registry-mirrors": ["http://localhost:7888"]

    By default you can find the Docker daemon settings here /etc/docker/daemon.json.

    On other platforms:

    You can find the Docker daemon settings in Docker Desktop -> Preferences -> Docker Engine.

    If you're running Pyrsia inside Docker, the registry-mirrors settings can be set to http://localhost:7888 as well. However if you're not running inside Docker, you cannot use localhost because localhost will point to the Docker Desktop environment. Instead you have to use the hostname of your host machine. If you don't know/have that, you can add this to /etc/hosts (on Mac) or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (on Windows):       my-pyrsia-host

    And then use that name in the Docker configuration file like this:

    "registry-mirrors": ["http://my-pyrsia-host:7888"]
  4. using another terminal, use docker to pull an image from Pyrsia:

    docker pull ubuntu

    (or pull any other Docker image of your choice)

    Optionally, you can inspect the Pyrsia node logs to check where the image came from. This can be either:

    • locally (if it was cached by Pyrsia before)
    • from the Pyrsia network
    • or from Docker Hub (if it wasn't previously available in the Pyrsia network)