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Post-release manual tests

After a release has been deployed, run these manual tests to make sure everything works as expected. Run these tests after each deployment to

  • Nightly cluster
  • Production cluster

When the new version is deployed, run checks for all supported platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Docker

Run through these steps:

  • Install Pyrsia using one of the installers following the instructions on
  • Make sure to configure the node to use --bootstrap-url as the bootstrap URL
  • Make sure to test both with and without existing data in the pyrsia folder (keypair, artifacts, blocks, log db)
  • View your logs and check for anomalies
  • Check to see if transparency logs can be inspected (make sure to use the installed pyrsia cli - not a local build)
pyrsia inspect-log docker --image alpine:3.16.0
  • check to see if artifacts can be downloaded
  • check to see if new builds can be requested.
    • find an artifact version that is not in the transparency log yet
    • configure your docker client to use pyrsia
    • try to pull the artifact - check the logs that a build has been requested
    • wait a while and check to see if the build was added to the transparency log
  • Check the release notes of the new version