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Developer Onboarding

If you are interested to contribute in Pyrsia project, here are a few important resources which might be helpful on your onboarding journey.

Join, Subscribe & Access

Request membership access to join googlegroup for Pyrsia. This will allow you to receive emails and calendar invites send to Pyrsia Googlegroup.

We collaborate on the project using Google Drive's shared directory Pyrsia

Join Slack Workspace Continuous Delivery Foundation. Join a few Slack channels #pyrsia, #pyrsia-team, #pyrsia-alert, #pyrsia-notifications

Subscribe PyrsiaOSS Youtube channel for latest release, to know what is happening.

Technical Resources and a Few Important Concepts

Make yourself familiar with some Rust knowledge and a few basic underlying concepts what we are using to build Pyrsia. To know more about project's architecture and use cases follow the link to Pyrsia architecture and use cases.


Here a few Rust resources to start with

Third Party Frameworks & Libraries

To build Pyrsia's decentralized network we made some architectural design decisions for peer to peer communications. This requires us to use a few protocols and their third party implementations. Here is a list of few of them along with useful links to relevant documents.