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· 2 min read
Manas Das

Announcing First Release of 2023

Here we wish a Happy New Year 2023 to all contributors, sponsors, CDF community, followers and the DevOps community members. In this year we will continue on our mission to solve a few high stake issues in Software Supply Chain.

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.2.3 today!

We are our continued journey on a small & frequent release schedule. This is to allow us to release consistently and in small increments as we decided.

Here are a few salient features we added to the release:

  • Improved release docs with manual more test plan to ensure more confidence on the release and to provide more transparency.
  • A new operation to Pyrsia CLI to remove configuration completely to get a default config automatically as soon as we initiate a get through various way.
  • To provide better onboarding experience to new contributors, we made some significant onboarding doc updates to help with the understanding of Pyrsia and different toolset and framework we are using.
  • In GitHub build pipeline we pinned Windows and OS X version to be more definitive.
  • Using libp2p's GossipSub to distribute blocks among peers in more robust fashion.
  • Blocked any openssl direct & transitive dependency to avoid clash with ssl provided by the platform.

Here is a list of features we hope to cover in the upcoming release. They are listed as part of the milestone definition.

Please download our installers, try out Pyrsia with Docker and let us know if you are looking for something Pyrsia does not support yet.