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Sudhindra Rao

Announcing a new release

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.2.1 today!

This release has incremental improvements over the version 0.2.0 released at the CDSummit at Kubecon.

Other than usual software quality improvements this release includes the following:

  • Better CLI experience - easy to configure
  • MacOSX installer is able to start the service automatically - better experience for getting started.
  • Automatically request builds on Pyrsia if an artifact does not exist on the network.
  • Improved and updated documentation

Integration tests and Staging environment

We invested a lot of time in this release to improve our testing etiquette.

We now have a set of integration tests that we rely on to ensure that the network is stable and the functionality Pyrsia offers, continues to remain stable.

We did not have a dedicated infrastructure to test before going to production. As of this release we have a staging environment that allows us to test before we deploy to production.

More testing is better!

Please download our installers, try out Pyrsia with Docker and let us know if you are looking for something Pyrsia does not support yet.